Production of full-fat soybean


Toaster (Rotary Oven)

Toaster (rotary oven) is designed to dry and toast grain and similar free-flowing products such as wheat, barley, soya beans, pulses and oilseeds, and also for thermal processing of eggshell.
Drying Toaster (rotary oven) is well suited to drying products with a high water content or a consistency which  makes them unsuited to drying in a column dryer. Energy efficient drying is achieved when the rotary oven is deployed together with a  Counter-flow 
Oven temperature: 200ºC - 960ºC
Product temperature: 45ºC - 120ºC 
Energy consumption: 800 - 950 kcal/Kg water removed


Wheat, oats, barley and maize for animal feed 
Infra-red radiation penetrates cereal husks creating  high internal temperatures and efficiently breaking  down complex starches thus increasing digestibility and adding to the nutritional value of the treated product without a long destructive heating process.


Cereals for consumer products and animal feed 
Exposure to temperatures between 100 ºC -120ºC reduces the bacterial and fungal count significantly  and effectively sterilises cereals without significantly breaking down amino acids and vitamins.

Conditioning /flaking
Cereals and pulses for consumer products such as Muesli and health food products, and animal feeds including pet food mixtures.
Following gelatinisation or pre-cooking, cereals, soya  beans and pulses are soft and malleable. Processed  cereals can be flaked without significant dust production and without loss of natural colour and appearance.



Soya beans and pulses for animal feeds 
Raw materials such as soya beans and pulses cannot be used as feed without prior processing due to the presence of biologically active inhibitors, such  as trypsin, urea and other known allergy inducing agents. Short term exposure to temperatures in  excess of 138 ºC significantly reduces bacteria and  destroys inhibitors.

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