Bin activators


The industrial revolution has led companies to store their finished products or raw materials in vertical silos. Cereals have always been extracted without assistance. However, the fine powders, such cohesive flours or metal oxides, refused to come out of the silo without manual intervention.

The bin activator, suspended under a silo and assisted by vibration, allows the extraction of difficult flowing powders without human action.

Since its creation can be used in different application such as big bag fillers and unloaders, carbon and stainless steel, exported all over the world. The bin activator is the essential extractor for your storage silos.

Our wide product range allows creating your way the most suitable equipment for your application in your area of activity.



  • It consumes less energy per extracted ton.
  • It is silent
  • It ensures a regular extraction
  • Stainless steel bin activators are manufactured in a “blank” workshop
  • It reduces the vertical storage space
  • Its maintenance cost is negligible
  • Its operation is part of an automatic process
  • Inexpensive because of its standard manufacturing
  • It does not require external assistance (air intake)
  • It is a modular design allowing customization (in shape and diameter)


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