Belt conveyor


Belt conveyor is intended for horizontal transport of grainy, granulated and/or meal products and is used within the grain and feedstuff industry, in breweries and within other industries.

Belt conveyor is produced in an industrial design, ensuring effective functionality and a long life.
Belt conveyor consists of a motor section, a tensioning section and a number of extension sections.

Belt runs in an open plate-steel trough between the motor and tensioning sections.

See “Technical data” for details.

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Power calculation

K = Capacity (t/h)
L = Length (m)

Technical data

Belt Conveyor (B400 – В1200)

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Belt Conveyor (B400 - B1200)

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Belt conveyor description 
1. Storage bin
2. Final output / guard rail
3. Reducing gear with a hollow axis/gear motor
4. Drive drum of a belt
5. Power-drive station
6. Backup rolls
7. Stretch sections
8. Belt
9. Belt tightener
10. Tension spindle

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